Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To promote a disease free society whereby there is a consciousness about Neurological disease, their impact and also enhancing the quality of life.

Mission Statement

To contribute to the health sector of our country by playing a pivotal role in educating people at large about the continuous development in Neuro-Science so that they can transform their life and lead a healthy lifestyle.


Driven by our focus on Neurological disorder, we aim to be become leader in Neurological care and prevention across Nepal by initiating, supporting and contributing in multi-sectorial programs especially designed for the welfare and development of women, children, and youth of Nepal.

Organization’s Objectives

  • Take action to serve the immediate health needs of the society by optimizing the organizational resources.
  • Overall improvement in health of poor, needy and underserved people by educating them and providing basic medical facilities.
  • Actively participating in improving the health infrastructure of our country through basic health education services.
  • Advocating Constructive Change in the way Neurological diseases are perceived and how it should be managed to lead a normal life.

Long Term Objectives

  • Neurological disorders are much more prevalent in the society than we actually think of, some of them are life threatening and most of them are underdiagnosed or undertreated. We aim to assess the current situation and provide a platform where these disorders can be effectively diagnosed and treated.
  • At NeuRO Nepal we will facilitate the identification of areas which are least served in terms of health infrastructure and impart training to these sections of society so that they will be able to provide a basic health care to the needy.
  • Bringing to the attention of Health Care professionals of society the technological advancement in terms of treating Neurological disorders. Enhancing the skill of basic health care service provider so that before referring to advance treatment they can save a life threatening situation.


  • Raising awareness on basic health education, provision for the first stage health care facilities in rural areas.
  • To promote critical thinking in communities
  • To utilize idle resources, local knowledge and skills.
  • To facilitate the resources of society in health sector.
  • To promote socio-cultural participation in healthy lifestyle.
  • Strengthen productive relationships.
  • Participation of women in health, economic and social development.
  • Community First participation, contribution and involvement of communities in development efforts.
  • Strong commitment for communities.
  • Gender sensitization.
  • Support all initiative of the Government of Nepal to promulgate international treaties, conventions and commitments related to the health sector of Nepal and help the authorities to enforce the Law for Health and allied sector.