About NeuRO Nepal


NeuRO Nepal, an NGO established in the year 2016, is committed to empowering the community with an accessible, efficient health care system that improves the safety and quality of care of patients with chronic neurological disorder through prevention, advocacy, education and collaboration amongst stakeholders within the community.

At the outset, NeuRO Nepal will focus to effect and increase the capacity, efficiency, productivity, reach and quality of our entire health care system. We are focused to support the Govt.Of Nepal including the national and international communities to achieve a socio-economic development through implementing a wide range of awareness raising programs. These initiatives include inter-disciplinary research in health sector, empowering locals with disease awareness and partnering with them at new levels thereby developing a sense of enhanced responsibility towards the needy people.

The deterioration in the status of current health facilities of our nation and the alarming rate of deaths due to lack proper hospital or even a basic health post led our founder members to gather and lay the foundation of an organization that seeks to address these health care issues. Some of the members come from medical background and have been serving the society for a long period of time. We have a goal of serving the society by establishing an organization that will provide every Nepali with raised consciousness on Neurological diseases and lead a healthy life.

Legal Identity

NeuRO Nepal has its affiliation to the Social Welfare Council, an NGO monitoring and facilitating body of the Government of Nepal (No. 44501)

NeuRO Nepal is registered at the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, (No. 295/073).

The Internal Revenue Office has registered NeuRO Nepal under PAN (605233197)


We are driven by the Ideology of Equal Health facility to all and are focused on training Health Professional including Women, Youths which will educate people from all walks of life. We have a goal to raise awareness about Neurological diseases and the impact which it has in our daily life by conducting capacity development trainings, extending micro credits awareness and creating seminars, workshops& meetings.